Two pieces for Multi-cultural music series

To broaden my musical boundaries – and to realize the meaning of my name, “Boundless” – I have been playing several new  instruments, e.g., Balinese Gamelan, Arab Nay, Ud, and tabla. These two pieces are named “Bridge,” in an attempt to bridge between two “seemingly” different worlds of sound:


Bridge I



Multi-cultural Music Series 1:
“Bridge I” is composed for Nay solo, middle Eastern flute, with a deep care of its own tone color, virtuosic techniques, idiomatic phrases from traditional Arab music approach and new compositional freedom. It has 3 parts: fast and festive, slow and lyrical, and concluding section.



Bridge II for Nay and Flute

“East and West come together, in the spirit of harmony, as she blends eastern spiritual longings with Western painting techniques” – Salma Aratsu’s exhibition at UCSB Multicultural Center, Fall 2015.
Inspired by Salam Aratsu’s paintings, Bridge II (2016) is an attempt to explore the possibility of “between,” where the two different words meet each other: not here, not there, but somewhere in between. Not this one, not that one, but something in between.
Coming from totally different two worlds, nay from Arab music and flute from Western European music seek to reach each other, despite the difference of tuning, timbre and limits that the instruments have, while preserving each instrument’s own beauty and characters.

* 2016 Corwin Music Award




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“Heena Yoon’s music is absolutely brilliant and experimental.”

“Perfectly fit to dance”

– Art review magazine Dance and Opera, South Korea


[Muwon] Heena Yoon is a composer, pianist, interdisciplinary artist, and music educator. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in music composition at UCSB under Professors Joel Feigin and Clarence Barlow.

She mainly focuses on collaborative artworks combining music, literature, visual art, theater, and especially dance. Among her work,
Ho’oponopono for dance was hailed as “absolutely brilliant and experimental sound, perfectly fit to dance” by the art review magazine Dance and Opera. Created for the Sound and Movement project, this piece was released on CD and introduced to ImplulsTanz, the international modern dance festival in Vienna, Austria. Recently, her theater-dance piece From Your Old Bookshelves was performed in NYC first and at the UCSB new library opening ceremony in collaboration with choreographer Christina McCarthy, in front of the Lament, an artwork of the antique book collection by Nancy Gifford.

She researches the relationship between music and dance under Professor Ninotchka Bennahum at the Department of Theater and Dance, UCSB by participating in masterclasses by New York City Ballet, Netherland Dance Theater, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, BalletBoyz, Hofesh Shechter Company and more.

Also, with a deep interest in world music, she studied Balinese music in Indonesia, and now Middle Eastern music under Professor Scott Marcus at UCSB.

She works as a composer of the interdisciplinary art group ONENESS, and has won Global Music Awards two times and the Corwin Music Award in 2014, 2015.

As a meditator, she uses her pen name Muwon with her real name, and pursues a realization of her name’s three meanings through her arts: Boundless Brilliant Beauty. 


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A Voice and a Fountain Pen


World premiered by Ignition Duo (

September 09, 2014
Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA, USA

Inspired by Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s novel “The Shadow of the Wind”: a song in praise of severe youth on the road. Moon blindness, Maturity in immaturity, The eternal human stupidity of pursuing those who hurt us the most, Immortality in a grave, Courage to write, say, resist, and attempt again until there are no voices left to tell the forgotten stories. Eternity in a moment.